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Research & Development

Education, research and development are an important pillar of the company aerodyn. With a lot of experience and constant new innovations it is possible to increase the reliability, to reduce the current development costs and to improve performance.

Since beginning aerodyn is working closely with universities, research institutes and industry since to explore new methods, procedures, processes, materials and analytics to incorporate them into development processes.
Furthermore aerodyn is a member of various standardization committees.

aerodyn has participated in the following research projects:

SiGuphit-B³: Determination of the performance of ductile iron containing high silicones for safe component design according to operational strength and fracture mechanics aspects [LBF: 03EE2007]

DOimWIND: Design and optimization to improve the reliability of the wind turbine systems [IWES: 01DO18002A]

nodularWeld: Identification and optimization of welding parameters for repair welding of cast iron components with spheroidal graphite [LBF]

HFMI: Computer-aided assessment tool for the evaluation of the lifetime extension of steel welds treated by the high-frequency hammering method [IGF: 19227N]

Festwalzen: Deep rolling to extend the life of dynamically loaded welded structures made of high-strength steels and aluminum alloys [IGF-Nr.: 19.537]

Guided Tower: Development of an energy-efficient guyed steel tube tower concept for wind turbines [EKSH]

Multiaxial - Multiwind: Reliable utilization of the fatigue strength potential of thick-walled cast iron components for wind energy technology through improved strength concepts for the arithmetical evaluation of the stress permeability. [LBF]

Gassner Wind: Simplified dimensioning of cast iron components for wind turbines taking into account operating loads and special events [LBF]

IBESS: Integral fracture mechanics determination of the fatigue strength of welded joints

Megawind: Material development for wind turbines in the multi-megawatt range offshore [BMU: 0327593]

Design of a new powertrain for megawatt turbines [BMWi: 0329877]

Development of a small wind turbine for the modular energy system technology [BMWi: 0329908A]

Demonstration of the application possibilities of the wind energy converter aeolus 12.5 [BMWF: 0328726A]

Further development and testing of a rotor blade in extruded aluminum design [BMWF: 0329114A]

Comparative investigations of the operating behavior of wind turbines [BMWF: 03E-4246-E]

Preparation of guidelines for testing, acceptance and monitoring of wind turbines [BMWF: 03E-8384-E]

Measurement and evaluation of wind turbines of the power class up to 250 kW [BMWF: 0329022A]

Development of a wind turbine HSW 750 with a rated output of 750 kW [BMWF: 0329002A]

Development and construction of a wind turbine AFE 1000 [BMWF: 0329584]

Development and testing of an active-stable rotor blade family for wind turbines [BMWF: 0329744]

Process development and holistic lightweight construction concept for preform RTM production [BMWF: 02PP2463]

BFT 800 Wind Turbine [EU: WE-437-94]

CAPI - Collaborative Aerolasticity Prediction [EU: 27256]

3-D Motion Analysis in Full Scale Wind Turbines [EU: JOR3-CT97-7002]


Explanation research institution / funding program:

EU European Commission Reseach and Innovation
BMWF German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
BMWi German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
BMU German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
LBF Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability (LBF)
IGF Industrial Community Research (IGF)
IWM Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials (IWM)
IWES Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES)
EKSH Society for Energy and Climate Protection Schleswig-Holstein GmbH