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September 2020

aerodyn does not attend the WindEnergy 2020 fair in Hamburg this year.

Due to the pandemic, we currently have to reduce face-to-face meetings and also avoid travel. Instead, we offer you video conferences, which we can set up flexibly and at short notice. If you have a question, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

May 2020

14MW 111m TC1B rotor blade design available

For the upcoming 11MW to 15 MW turbine generation we developed a pre-design of a 111.0m long rotor blade. A modern structural concept, combined with aerodyn’s 30+ years of experience in blade development, lead to a promising 14MW pre-design for a TC1B site, which can still be adjusted and optimized to account for turbine specific aspects, such as rated power, type class and BCD. This rotor blade features with hybrid CFRP-GFRP spar caps to reduce the use of costly C-fibres to a minimum. High emphasis was spent on using proven state-of-the-art blade materials and manufacturing technologies.

December 2019

We are developing the next generation of large size multi-megawatt turbines

aerodyn is designing a 10 MW direct drive turbine and its PM generator.
The generator production is planned for Q1 2021.

October 2019

aeroMaster 4 wind turbine - more variants available

The design of the aeroMaster4 is based on the concepts of the proven aeroMaster family.  aerodyn has responded to the global market and developed further variants for locations with little wind. The following variants are available:

aeroMaster 4 4500kW Ø126m TC1A
aeroMaster 4 4500kW Ø140m TC2B
aeroMaster 4 4200kW Ø147m TC2S
aeroMaster 4 4500kW Ø153m TC3A

The wind turbine variants are available for various ambient conditions such as normal climate, cold climate, hot climate or altitudes. aerodyn addresses the needs of customers and adapts the design to their individual needs: a customized aeroMaster. The scope of delivery of aerodyn often includes the integration of components locally produced by our customers. This is part of the general licensing strategy of aerodyn: we are very flexible and take into consideration the needs of our customers.

More details

August 2018

WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

aerodyn is presenting new turbine concepts and floating offshore simulation

At the WindEnergy 2018 in Hamburg, aerodyn is presenting the new low wind speed turbine model of its aeroMaster 4 turbine platform. The turbine will be realized with 4,2MW rated power and 147m rotor diameter for TC S wind conditions. Also the new aeroMaster NT "New Technology" concept is presented the first time at the exhibition. The new drive train concept combines the advantages of medium-speed hybrid-drive concepts with modular drive train designs which allows among other advantages the exchange of the hybrid-drive unit without disassembly of the nacelle and without the need of an external heavy duty crane to reduce O&M cost significantly.

By introducing the modern multi-body simulation code HAWC2 as load simulation tool, aerodyn is now also able to offer the design and load analysis for floating offshore wind turbines as engineering service. HAWC2 is able to model and analyse all types of floating offshore foundations such as spar-buoy, semi-submersible and tension-leg type foundations.

January 2018

aeroMaster 4.X

Design of the new 4.XMW onshore platform finished

With aeroMaster 4.X aerodyn has developed a modern and flexible turbine platform for onshore projects. The prototype of the new turbine will be installed in summer 2018 in Asia. This turbine model with 4MW rated power and 140 m rotor diameter is designed for medium wind conditions. Currently a high wind speed version for TC 1 is under development and will be produced by the second customer. The turbine will also be upgraded for local conditions like hot temperature and high altitude site. A low wind speed configuration with 150 m rotor diameter is under preparation and will be available end of the year. For all turbine models aerodyn has taken into account the transportation restrictions in most countries and has limited the transportation section weights to 75 to.

August 2017

aeroMaster 2.0-121

New aeroMaster onshore model for low wind available

The design of the new onshore model of the aeroMaster 2.X platform was finished in August 2017. The aeroMaster 2.0/121 is produced by Sany in China. The turbine is specially optimized for low and medium wind speed conditions.

January 2016

aeroMaster 5.0

Zhejiang Windey installs aeroMaster 5.0 prototype in China

The installation of the aeroMaster 5.0 offshore wind turbine developed by aerodyn was finalized on January 25th 2016. Zhejiang Windey, a leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer, installed the prototype south of Shanghai at the Hangzhou delta. The wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 139 m and 5 MW power has a high-speed drive train with a low voltage generator based on the well-proven aeroMaster drive train concept. The aeroMaster 5.0 is aerodyn's third 5 MW offshore wind turbine.

December 2014

aeroMaster 3.0

aeroMaster 3.0 was placed third at the top 5 innovations of the year 2014, awarded by Windpower Monthly.

July 2014

aeroMaster gets B-Design Assessement

In June 2014, the B-Design-Certificate for the aeroMaster 5.0 MW TC2B Ø139m offshore turbine was granted by DEWI-OCC. We wish to thank all the suppliers for their cooperation in the development and certification of this turbine.

Final witnessing and documentation will follow soon, and aerodyn is awaiting the A-Design Certificate for this license product.

The Hyosung Corporation, a Korean power and industrial systems company and wind turbine manufacturer, installed the prototype on Jeju Island south of the Korean peninsula early this year.

More technical details:

February 2014

Hyosung Corporation Installs aeroMaster 5.0 Prototype on Jeju Island, Korea

The aeroMaster 5.0 offshore wind turbine developed by aerodyn was fully installed on 24 February 2014. Hyosung Corporation, the Korean power and industrial systems company and wind turbine manufacturer, installed the prototype on Jeju Island south of the Korean peninsula. The wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 139 m and 5 MW power has a high-speed drive train with a medium voltage generator. The turbine was developed incorporating the well-proven aeroMaster drive train concept. The aeroMaster 5.0 is already the third 5 MW offshore wind turbine from aerodyn. A second prototype of the 5 MW turbine will be installed during the course of this year by a Chinese manufacturer.

October 2013

State of the art turbine concepts supporting a high level of local content

In Kyiv at "5th International Forum of renewable energy and energy efficiency" the company aerodyn was represented by its Head of Machine Design, Mr. Peter Krämer.

He contributed to the forum the presentation "State of the art turbine concepts supporting a high level of local content".

aerodyn Presentation REF 2013

August 2013

Rotor blade for 5 MW offshore turbine tested successfully

The aerodynBlade 5.0 -68.0 has successfully passed the static blade test in Korea. The 68 m long rotor blade is to be used in aeroMaster 5 MW offshore turbines and is designed for a rotor diameter of 139 m and type class 2B. The positive outcome of the blade test is a further milestone in the development of the aerodynBlade family and the aeroMaster 5MW wind turbine.

In the test, the blade is subject to loads with maximum forces up to 80 tons, undergoing bending up to approx. 18 m in this process. The blade test was conducted by the Korean Institute KIMS on behalf of our client Hyosung. The blade was manufactured in China at the company of Aeolon. The test was supervised by the certifying company, Germanischer Lloyd Renewables Certification. Success of the test is due to the terrific cooperation between the companies involved.

August 2013

Offshore wind farm Bard I inaugurated

The German Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Rösler, opened Germany's largest offshore wind farm Bard I on 26 August 2013. Newspapers reported the Minister said that this shows that technological challenges can be mastered. "All of this is 'made in Germany' and offers tremendous chances", said the Minister. Not only is the production made in Germany but also the turbine design is made in Germany, made by aerodyn.